Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 1 two cultures

During this weeks readings both C. P. Snow and Professor Vesna put into perspective in defining the sensation I have been experiencing for some time now, the emergence of the third culture. 
Working as a temporary dental assistant in the westside of Los Angeles, I have  had the luxury of working with a variety of different dentist, from those who are beginning their career to those ready to retire. One thing I begun to notice was how modern and up coming dentist were putting more and more weight on the cosmetic side, while the older generation was more focused with their method while older never really changed because the function was proper. I agree with John Brockman's claim that “contemporary science is the third culture” as I have experience it first hand where these scientist (dentist) become artist right before my eyes. With creating the anatomy of a tooth on the spot. 
My journey to where science meets art continues with my education. My attraction to science is the understanding of how things work of function, nature’s culture. But the biggest problem I have with sciences is I don't feel. Everything is rational. That is why my true passion lies in the arts. There is a certain completion that comes from a balance in understanding how something works through feeling.

 Nobuho Nagasawa's “Synesthesia Playground” is another experience I got to live where I saw science meet art. Nobuho and team created a design where technology interacted with one's body through music and vibrations.

 Pablo Picasso once stated “others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” In art windows are portals to other dimensions. So when I look at a CD and try to paint with its frequencies through my understand from science that there is a relation to sound and color. I asked myself. What I'd a CD wasn't just used to make sound but produce color.

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